Why KIC?

Accredited Education Programs

All of our academic programs are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research of the UAE. In 2011 our curriculum expanded to offer several Bachelor Degree programs.

Affiliated with Local and International Universities

Al Khawarizmi International College has agreements with local and international Universities that enable KIC graduates to continue their higher studies at Universities based in the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, UK, Canada, and the US. These institutions have been chosen based on their merit, reputation, and notable standards. Our confidence in these institutions allows our students to have a wider variety of transfer options. 

Affordable Tuition Fees

KIC strives to offer affordable tuition fees. We believe a quality education should be available to all candidates and we do our best to ensure no student misses out on education. Our primary goal is to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their professional lives. For this reason, the cost of attending KIC is reasonable and within reach for all.

Scholarship Programs

KIC students receive discounts and concessions from various governmental and private organizations, as well as local companies and embassies.

Job Placement Assistance

KIC provides job placement assistance for students upon graduation. We have a dedicated career office staff to assist students in finding suitable employment. Since we receive more job enquiries than we have graduates, we do our best to match students with a job that is the perfect fit for their skills, background and interests.

Alumni Relations

KIC maintains a valuable network of experienced alumni that maintain professional connections with the College. This offers recent graduates a pool of contacts to network with. One of the goals of KIC is to create a community of people with a sense of social responsibility acting as leaders in their communities.

Varied Student Activities

KIC is proud to offer a wide range of student activities. We strive to foster a sense of community between our students. Our goal is to convert our campus into a hub for social interactions, physical activities, and engaging and enlightening conversations.

Friendly Learning Environment

KIC’s friendly and interactive learning environment ensures each student will receive the highest quality education. Our goal is to instill our graduates with strong principles that will allow them to lead and excel acheter du cialis in their careers. At KIC, innovation and forward thinking are encouraged and transparency and fairness are our foundations so that each student can feel comfortable communicating with faculty and staff.

Interactive and Applied Learning

Our programs curricula are designed with proactive and practical approaches. Programs have been developed to respond to the current and future needs of the job market by equipping students with the skills needed to flourish and excel. We have affiliations with local industries and we use that knowledge to create progressive educational programs. This ensures all our graduates can seamlessly merge into the workforce upon graduation.

Flexible schedules

We provide flexible scheduling by offering morning, evening, and weekend sessions. We appreciate  our students responsibilities and commitments outside the classroom and hence offering them flexible session times to accommodate their various needs and to ensure successful engagement with their programs.