The Office of Research at Khawarizmi International College has been established to provide a collegiate environment in which research and staff development are primary activities and form the base of a developing academic community founded on innovative and applicable enquiry.  KIC seeks to raise its research profile and encourage the development of novel and applied research, both of which will add to the knowledge and help to solve specific business and technology problems associated with the development of the UAE as well as acting as teaching vehicles for further students’ engagement in the education process.  This Research Strategy affirms the essential importance for KIC of integrated excellence in teaching and research; these are twin and mutually enriching priorities.

Core Values

  • Excellence in research and knowledge transfer activities leads to a strong reputation for quality that enhances future research and improving of knowledge as well as the recruitment and retention of high caliber staff and enhancing the student experience at all levels of study.
  • Original and worthwhile contributions to local, regional, national and international research and knowledge transfer projects recognized by peers, users and policy makers and be of a high quality and represent value for money.
  • Excellence achieved through dual responsibility.
  • Relationships built up through teaching should lead to strong partnerships with bodies with whom the College engages in knowledge transfer, contract research and consultancy.
  • KIC aims to ensure excellence in the quality of supervision, skills training, learning resources and teaching.