Program Goals

  • The Associate Degree in Medical Records is designed to provide students with the  ability to prepare Medical Secretary Careers involve general administrative duties with  specialized medical and healthcare operations knowledge. Associate degree program  will  put  aspiring  Medical  Secretaries  on  the  path  to  success  working  in  physician’s   offices, medical research centers and hospitals. Medical secretaries handle the daily  business operations of a medical office, including answering the phone, processing  insurance claims and making appointments.
  • The  degree  of  Medical  Records  provides  fundamental  knowledge  of  Medical  secretaries are administrative professionals who perform many jobs in a medical office,  and  to  understand  billing  and  insurance  procedures  and  communicate  effectively   with others; excellent interpersonal skills are a must an aptitude for multitasking and  organization will also be an advantage for people working in Medical Records.
  • The Students are required to complete an associate degree program and often  licensing procedures as determined by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and employer  regulations  in  order  to  qualify  for  employment  as  a  Medical  Records  officer.  In  addition, graduates who complete associate degree studies may advance to licensing  programs  to  gain  entry  level  employment  or  continue  studies  within  higher  degree   programs.
  • Students  completing  this  program  with  a  suitable  GPA  score  are  qualified  to  transfer to the bachelor degree in Health Management program but they will need to  complete additional bridging course.