Program Goals

  • The Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Analysis (ADMLA) is designed to  provide students with the ability to prepare analytical and assist to choosing the right  technical analysis to improve health status by diagnostic tests. The students will be  provided  with  a  specialized  training  necessary  to  understand  the  technical  skills  to   manage the diagnostic of technical aspects to providing health care status.
  • The  ADMLA  program  provides  fundamental  knowledge  regarding  detection  of  disorders and diseases in the tissue and blood, the microorganism such as bacterial,  viral,  parasite  fungi  that  cause  infection,  which  are  related  to  pathological  process   and other different types of human disease by using different devices in the field of  Medical Laboratory analysis.
  • Students are required to complete the associate degree program and often licensing  procedures  as  determined  by  the  United  Arab  Emirates  (UAE),  the  region,  and   globally and meet employer regulations in order to qualify for entry-level positions as  Medical  Laboratory  technician.  In  addition,  graduates  who  complete  the  associate   degree studies may advance to licensing programs to continue studies within higher  degree  programs.  Students  completing  this  program  with  a  suitable  GPA  score  are   qualified to bridge to the Bachelor degree in Medical Laboratory Analysis.