Program Overview

The  Bachelor  of  Medical  laboratory  Analysis  degree  program  is  an  undergraduate   degree  program  offered  at  Al-Khawarizmi  International  College  (KIC).  The  program   goals  at  preparing  knowledgeable  highly  skilled  professionals  who  use  up-to-date   instruments and biochemical, microscopic, molecular and immunological techniques  to analyze blood, tissues and other medical specimens.  Students graduating from this program will be able to provide services in the medical  sector  in  the  United  Arab  Emirates  (UAE),  the  region  and  globally.  Furthermore,   graduates  will  be  able  to  apply  their  knowledge  and  skills  in  biotechnology  and   laboratory  medicine  to  provide  essential  information  about  the  presence,  extent,   or  absence  of  disease  to  physicians  and  other  health  care  professionals.  In  addition,   students  will  gain  technical  skills  as  well  as  problem  solving,  data  analysis,  computer   skills and good oral and written communication. Upon completion of the Medical laboratory Analysis degree program, the graduates  will comprise the following:

  • Relevant background and knowledge in health and diseases.
  • Appreciable understanding of issues relating to health promotion,
  • Disease prevention and patient care.

Students   graduating   from   the   Medical   Laboratory   Analysis   program   may   have    career  opportunities  in  hospitals,  physician  offices,  veterinary,  and  national  and  regional testing laboratories; biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic  industries; local, state or federal health agencies; research and teaching institutions;  advanced  degrees  in  medicine  and  dentistry.  Furthermore,  pursue  a  masters  and   doctoral degrees in biomedical sciences. Students  are  required  to  complete  the  Bachelor  of  Medical  Laboratory  analysis   program and often licensing procedures as determined by the United Arab Emirates  (UAE), the region, globally and any other employer regulations.

Program Vision Statement

The vision of KIC’s bachelor program in medical laboratory analysis is to be a prominent  program in medical lab analysis in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, UAE and the region at  a  bachelor  level.  KIC  faculty  members  are  devoted  to  delivering  an  up-to-date  and   comprehensive medical laboratory analysis curriculum at officers’ level coupled with  promising opportunities for on-hands training in the profession of medical labs.

Program Mission Statement

The  mission  of  the  bachelor  program  in  medical  laboratory  analysis  is  to  equip   graduates of this program with the theory, concepts and practical skills in the field of  medical lab analysis in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, UAE and the region at officers’ level.  This can be achieved by the following:

  • Deliver an academic program at bachelor level that meets a spectrum of educational  aims for students, in collaboration with medical and health care sector partners, while  demonstrating high quality in teaching and applied learning.
  • Prepare  students  for  a  broad  scope  of  on-hands  training  in  the  profession  of  biomedical sciences with special consideration for addressing the needs of the region.
  • Advance the profession of life-long learning opportunities with new, innovative and  effective disease prevention and patient care.
  • Provide a friendly, conducive and challenging environment that helps the students,  staff, and faculty to excel in the field of medical laboratory analysis.
  • Provide graduates the option to pursue postgraduate education at senior higher  education institutions in the UAE and abroad.