KIC as an institution has gone since its foundation in 1985 through three main stages; each stage was for about ten years:


1. The first stage was from 1985 to 1994, this is the stage before the establishment of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

KIC partnered then with the Institute for the Management of Information Systems in London and later with Liverpool John Moores University of the UK. Liverpool John Moores University at that stage had supervised the delivery and overall quality of KIC programs and jointly issued the certificates.


2. The second stage was from 1994 to 2003. That was the stage when the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was establishing its standard, policies and procedures.

This was a very challenging stage requiring matching the standards of our programs to those high standards set by the Ministry.  As a result, KIC was one of the first private institutions to receive accreditation for its programs from the Ministry.


3.  The third and current stage started in 2003; this is the stage after receiving full accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education.

During this period KIC has transformed from an IT Institute that offers only one Associate Degree in IT to a full scale higher education institution that offers a wide range of Associate and Bachelor Degrees in the programs of Business Administration, IT, Islamic Banking, Health Sciences, and Mass Communication providing students with a variety of opportunities aiming to further their education and helping them with their chosen careers. KIC programs not only provide students with theoretical and conceptual knowledge in the fields of their choice, but also prepare them with the relevant practical skills and competencies in order to embark successfully on their new careers meeting the workforce requirements.