The goals of the program are to provide a sound, vocational education in computing, that covers practical skills relevant to the needs of the job market, and the underlying theoretical concepts to form a firm understanding to support continual future development. Upon successful completion of the course a graduate will be able to pursue a career in the Computing and IT fields, and progress within a few years to positions such as:

  • A member or leader of a software development team, working on projects that analyzes client needs, design suitable solutions, implement them using industry-standard development tools, and deliver reliable software products that meet client requirements.
  • A member or leader of a network support and development team that has responsibility for supporting users on a company’s computer network and the infrastructure of the network, keeping it up to date with current developments and ensuring appropriate access and security for all users.
  • A member or leader of an information systems team that analyzes business requirements for information systems and designs solutions, often IT-based, using databases or other application systems, to provide the required data in an efficient, effective and timely manner.
  • A member or leader of IT industry who handles other administrative or technical jobs such as; IT help desk assistant, IT trainer, technical assistant.