The Department of Information Technology aims to produce graduates who are able to play a significant role in the provision of information in a business environment by the development of effective and reliable computer-based systems. Therefore, the overall educational aim is to provide an integrated, coherent, and practically based education in the theory, methods, tools and techniques of such information system provision.

The department hosts two programs; Bachelor in Information Technology and Diploma in Information Technology. Both of these programs aim at developing an understanding of the underlying concepts, foundations and theory of computer-based and distributed information systems. They also aim to provide the opportunity for students to consolidate the knowledge and skills they have learnt and employ them in real situations by undertaking an internship or work-based project.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Bachelor in IT program can work as:

  • Business Intelligence Consultants
  • Business systems analyst
  • Database analyst/developer/administrator
  • Systems development manager
  • Web/ e-commerce systems developer/manager
  • IT project manager
  • Computer and information security specialist/manager
  • Network administrator/manager

Graduates from the Diploma in IT program can work as:

  • a member or leader of a software development team, working on projects that analyze what the client requires, design suitable solutions, implement them using industry-standard development tools, and deliver reliable software products that meet the requirements.
  • a member or leader of a network support and development team that has responsibility for supporting users on a company’s computer network and the infrastructure of that network, keeping it up to date with current developments and ensuring appropriate access and security for all users.
  • a member or leader of an information systems team that analyses business requirements for information systems and designs solutions, often IT-based,  using databases or other application systems, to provide the required data in an efficient, effective and timely manner.
  • a member or leader of IT industry  who handles other administrative or technical jobs like; IT help desk assistant , IT trainer, technical assistant.