Program Goals

The Associate Degree of Health Management program is designed to prepare students  for employment in healthcare business and financial operations. Students will gain a  broad  understanding  of  the  application  of  management  principles  in  the  healthcare   environment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the region, and globally. In addition,  the  program  is  designed  to  prepare  a  student  to  have  an  understanding  of  business   practices and provides them with the opportunity to select specific courses to meet  their professional or personal business goals in health care field.

The  curriculum  of  the  program  emphasizes  on  planning,  organizing,  directing,  and   controlling responsibilities related to healthcare organizational objectives including  the legal and ethical aspects. The program focuses on the development of effective  communication, managerial, and supervisory skills.

Coursework is designed to familiarize the student with different aspects of the health  care delivery system. The graduates of this program are eligible to find entry-level  positions  in  healthcare  organizations,  including  hospitals,  medical  offices,  clinics,  long-term care facilities, and insurance companies.

Students completing this program with a suitable GPA score are qualified to transfer  to the bachelor degree in Health Management program but they will need to complete  additional bridging course.