Program Goals

The  Bachelor  of  Health  Management  (BHM)  degree  program  is  an  undergraduate   degree program offered at Al-Khawarizmi International College (KIC). The program  goals at preparing a knowledgeable staff of health managers that are able to provide  services  in  the  health  management  sector  in  the  United  Arab  Emirates  (UAE),  the   region and globally.

The following are the specific program goals:

  • Educate future health services professionals in the primary administrative, analytic,  behavioral and social/cultural competencies necessary to work effectively in diverse  and dynamic health services and community based organization.
  • Merge knowledge from different sciences and disciplines such as, humanities, and  management  theory  as  a  basis  for  problem-solving  and  decision-making  in  health   care. Hence, graduates are able to demonstrate a willingness to work cohesively and  communicate interpersonally with members of the interdisciplinary health care team.
  • Allow students with associate’s degrees from diverse backgrounds such as health  management,  nursing,  and  paramedical  technicians  to  obtain  an  advanced  degree.     Students completing the Associate degree with a suitable GPA score will be able to  transfer  to  the  bachelor  degree  program  but  they  will  need  to  complete  additional   bridging course.

The  rationale  of  this  program  is  to  produce  qualified  workforce  that  works  in  hospitals,   clinics,   health   departments,   medical   insurance   companies,   managed    care  companies.  Graduates  of  this  program  are  able  to  pursue  and  secure  most   management, supervisory, and executive positions in health care, business, or health  care  management.  The  combination  of  management  skills,  information  technology   awareness, and clinical knowledge enables the graduate to rapidly get involved in the  working environment. In addition, move up to a leadership position, i.e. department  manager or supervisor.